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Cord-Cutting Services are Headed in the Wrong Direction (Premium)

Several cord-cutting services have announced price hikes recently. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to work. The post Cord-Cutting Services […]

Amazon’s “Try Before You Buy” Prime Service Launches in the US

Amazon is launching its Prime Wardrobe service to all its Prime subscribers in the United States. First announced last year, […]

Paul’s Tech Makeover: (Yet Another) Cord-Cutting Update (Premium)

Last week, I provided an update on our cord-cutting efforts. Maybe I should have waited, as things are changing yet […]

Amazon Prime Members to Get Discounts at Whole Foods

16 May 18 | Amazon, Amazon Prime, Cloud, Windows

In perhaps the most dramatic example yet of its ability to offer Prime members unique perks, Amazon today announced that […]

Amazon is Raising the Price of Prime

27 Apr 18 | Amazon, Amazon Prime, Cloud, Windows

In a long-awaited—and, frankly, long-overdue—move, Amazon will raise the price of its Prime subscription from $99 to $119. Amazon revealed […]

There are 100 Million Amazon Prime Subscribers

19 Apr 18 | Amazon, Amazon Prime, Cloud, Windows

The normally secretive Amazon has finally detailed a key metric of its success: It now has over 100 million Prime […]

Amazon Claims “Tens of Millions” of Streaming Music Subscribers

  An Amazon executive said this week that the firm’s Amazon Music Unlimited service now has “tens of millions” of […]

Suddenly, Amazon is Number Two (Premium) this week surpassed Alphabet/Google to become the world’s second-largest corporation by market capitalization. To access this post, you must […]