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Google Makes a New Business Push with ChromeOS

Posted March 3, 2023 | Chrome OS | Chromebook | Windows

Backed by a commissioned IDC study, Google this week is making the case that ChromeOS is an ideal solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

“Google commissioned IDC, a leading third-party research firm, to conduct a study on the business value of ChromeOS across a number of use cases, including kiosks and digital signage, contact centers, virtualization (VDI), and hybrid and remote work,” Google managing director Bryan Lee writes. “IDC’s research established that ChromeOS is a cost-effective, efficient, secure, and reliable operating system that delivers many benefits, from lower costs and higher return on investment (ROI) to a range of operational improvements.”

According to the study, businesses that adopted ChromeOS and ChromeOS devices saw an average of 245 percent ROI, 44 percent lower cost of operations, and $3,901 total savings per device over three years. Furthermore, the study participants reported that ChromeOS is 63 percent faster to deploy than other operating systems used by study participants (presumably Windows and macOS). Looking specifically at hybrid and remote work—the area I’m most interested in—ChromeOS users were reportedly 14 percent more productive, while device deployment to these users was 57 percent faster.

Google is also highlighting some well-known ChromeOS advantages: ChromeOS devices boot up in as little as six seconds, install updates seamlessly in the background, and are quite secure, with 24 percent fewer security attacks than with other operating systems. The firm notes that there has never been a ransomware attack on ChromeOS devices, as well.

I’ve long felt that the simplicity of ChromeOS was a strength that would extend far beyond education, but I guess the issue for individuals coming from Windows or the Mac is replicating their workflows. The popularity and increased functionality of web apps in recent years certainly help, of course, as does the availability of Android apps on ChromeOS.

Anyone wanting to learn more about ChromeOS in business can sign-up for a Resilience starts with IT webinar that will debut on Thursday, March 9 at 12:00 PM CST. You can also find a snapshot of the IDC study here.

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