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Latest Windows 11 Field Guide News

Command Prompt

Command Prompt, sometimes called the Command shell, is a legacy environment that dates back to the original version of Windows […]


The Terminal app is the default command-line experience in Windows 11, replacing the Windows Console Host from previous versions. Command-line […]

Windows 11 Field Guide is Updated for Moment 2

Just a quick update to let you know I’ve updated the Windows 11 Field Guide to account for the relevant […]

Xbox Game Bar

Windows 11 provides a handy feature called the Xbox Game Bar that lets you capture screenshots and record video clips […]

Xbox and Games Basics

Windows 11 is a great option for playing video games. And that’s true whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just […]

Microsoft Edge Security and Privacy

Microsoft Edge offers a comprehensive set of integrated security and privacy protection features that can help keep you safe online. […]

Media Player

The Media Player app lets you access your personal music and video collections. This can include any combination of content […]


The Photos app lets you view, edit, manage, and share photos stored on your PC, phone, OneDrive, and, optionally, Apple […]