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Small Bytes: Declarative UI (Premium)

28 Mar 23 | Dev, Premium, Small Bytes, Windows

Declarative UI is at least as old as the World Wide Web, but it’s become hip again in the modern […]

Small Bytes: Windows App SDK (Premium)

The Windows App SDK is Microsoft’s modern app development platform for Windows and an evolution of the Universal Windows Platform […]

Small Bytes: WinUI 3 (Premium)

The Windows User Library (WinUI) 3 is a user experience (UX) framework for developers creating native apps for Windows 10/11. […]

Small Bytes: .NET MAUI Desktop Apps (Premium)

.NET MAUI is the successor to Xamarin Forms and it obviously isn’t the first cross-platform framework to target both mobile […]

Small Bytes: Rust (Premium)

15 Jan 23 | Dev, Premium, Rust, Small Bytes, Windows

Even non-programmers have likely heard of Rust, a programming language that’s taken the developer world by storm. If not, consider […]

Small Bytes: Get Started with TypeScript (Premium)

Without knowing any better, I assumed it would be easy—automatic even—to get started with TypeScript using Visual Studio Code. But […]

Small Bytes: Putting the Type in TypeScript (Premium)

As a decades-long fan of Anders Hejlsberg and having struggled to see a way forward for Windows desktop apps, I’m […]

Small Bytes (Premium)

04 Jan 23 | Dev, Premium, Small Bytes, Windows

When I first started writing the poorly-named Programming Windows series in mid-2019, I eventually ran into a wall named .NET: […]