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The Enshittification of Personal Technology (Premium)

Tech journalist Corey Doctorow describes the way that services move from being free to abusing their users as “enshittification,” which […]

Channeling the Windows Insider Program (Premium)

As a Windows enthusiast, I cheered the arrival of the Windows Insider Program, which made beta testing transparent and open. […]

Don’t Be a Statistic (Premium)

Most people don’t get the backup religion until they’ve lost something important because of a PC hardware failure or some […]

Ask Paul: March 3 (Premium)

03 Mar 23 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

We’re in Mexico City for three weeks because life wasn’t chaotic enough already, so let’s kick off the weekend with […]

I Finally Got an Arm PC Out of the Insider Program (Premium)

I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I foolishly enrolled a Windows on Arm-based PC in the Windows Insider […]

Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (Premium)

28 Feb 23 | Premium, Windows, Windows 11

Microsoft is updating Windows 11 version 22H2 with a second “Moment” update this month, so it’s time to take stock […]

Conversant (Premium)

26 Feb 23 | Dev, Premium, Windows

Comedian Bill Burr decided to learn how to play drums in his 40s, a curiously late time in life to […]

Ask Paul: February 24 (Premium)

24 Feb 23 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Happy Friday! We sold our house and are freaking out, so let’s kick off this weekend a bit early with […]