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The Photos app lets you view, edit, manage, and share photos stored on your PC, phone, OneDrive, and, optionally, Apple […]

Ask Paul: February 3 (Premium)

03 Feb 23 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

It’s another month, and another Friday, and here’s another installment of Ask Paul to kick off this weekend, and February.Self […]

Oh, Samsung (Premium)

Samsung’s bizarre sort-of announcement about upcoming XR solutions nicely highlights everything that is wrong with this company and its products. […]

What I Use: Bitwarden (Premium)

I wasn’t a LastPass user, but the recent security issues with the service were the push I needed to adopt […]

Small Bytes: .NET MAUI Desktop Apps (Premium)

.NET MAUI is the successor to Xamarin Forms and it obviously isn’t the first cross-platform framework to target both mobile […]

Ask Paul: January 27 (Premium)

27 Jan 23 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Happy Friday! Let’s bid goodbye to January and usher in the weekend a bit early with another great set of […]

Analysis: Microsoft’s F23Q2 (Premium)

25 Jan 23 | Microsoft, Premium, Windows

Yesterday, Microsoft reported a mixed financial quarter in which revenues were up only 2 percent, thanks to its cloud business. […]

Ads and Subscriptions are the Future … of Windows (Premium)

24 Jan 23 | Premium, Windows, Windows 11

When Microsoft transitioned Office from a standalone software offering to a subscription service called Office 365, Microsoft fans worried about […]