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Google Pixel 6 Pro Review

The Pixel 6 Pro marks Google’s reentry into the premium smartphone market, and it is significantly cheaper than its flagship […]

Google Explains How Pixel 6 Charging Works

Google has admitted what independent tests already proved: the Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t really charge all that quickly. But as […]

Power Problems (Premium)

Power Problems (Premium) – Premium When my wife and I drove to Washington D.C. this past weekend, I used […]

Google Pixel 6 Pro: The Day After

A day later, I’ve mostly configured the Pixel 6 Pro the way I prefer, and I’ve started taking photos. Here […]

Google Pixel 6 Pro First Impressions

My Pixel 6 Pro arrived late yesterday while I was somewhere over the North Atlantic. But it’s a miracle it […]

Google Tries to Make Up for Pixel 6 Preorder Mess

As I noted in my Google Pixel 6 Pro Preview, eager would-be buyers of the new handset experienced horrific problems […]