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Apple Takes Two-Year Lead Over Android Makers With Face ID

Apple reportedly has a two-year lead over most Android manufacturers with its 3D sensing tech on the iPhone X. The […]

Sorry Samsung, But the Pixel 2 XL Wins This One

Since receiving the Samsung Galaxy S9+ last week, I’ve taken hundreds of photos with the device in various conditions. And […]

Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 is Not Durable

 A new report from SquareTrade says that while the Samsung Galaxy S9 is marginally more durable than its predecessor, […]

Apple and Samsung, Going It Alone (Premium)

Apple and Samsung are similar in many ways. But their biggest similarity is perhaps a shared desire to go it […]

iOS 11 is such a mess, Apple showcases a bug in latest iPhone X ad

19 Mar 18 | Mobile

Think iOS is buggy? You’re not alone, and the bugs are now so commonplace that Apple didn’t even spot the […]

Mint SIM Adds International Data Roaming

I’ve been using the low-cost wireless carrier Mint SIM since last December. Today, they added my most eagerly-needed feature: International […]

Microsoft Edge Beta is Available on iPad

In late January, Microsoft quietly revealed that it was working on a native version of its Edge web browser for […]

Siri Was Always Going to Fail (Premium)

A credible report explaining how Apple failed to capitalize on being first-to-market with Siri has triggered some fan fiction. To […]