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Microsoft Backs Down From Open-Source Mistake

With the .NET 6 release looming, Microsoft made a critical faux pas that the open-source world jumped on immediately. The […]

How to use Terminal to securely erase free space on a Mac’s drive

If you’re selling an old Mac, a spare hard drive, or you’re just quite paranoid about your deleted data, you’re […]

How to play audio files in the Terminal

05 Sep 21 | Linux, Mac, macOS, Music

If you’re a command line aficionado and you want to play an audio file, there’s no need to leave the […]

elementary OS 6 is Now Available

12 Aug 21 | elementary OS, Linux, Windows

elementary this week announced the availability of what it says is the biggest update yet to its Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, […]

How to use the Terminal to see what Mac processes are accessing the internet

31 Jul 21 | Linux, Mac, macOS

If you’ve ever wondered about which programs are using your internet connection at any point in time, here’s one way […]

How to use Quick Look from Terminal in macOS

Quick Look is one of the more compelling features in macOS. Introduced in OS X 10.5, you no longer do […]

How to use the macOS command line to compare two folders’ contents in Terminal

03 Jul 21 | Computers, Linux, Mac, macOS, Utilities

Have you ever wanted a quick way to compare two directories (folders), in order to see which files may differ […]

Google Announces Flutter 2.2

At Google I/O 2021 today, Google announced the release of Flutter 2.2, the latest release of its open source app […]