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Apple Adds Eight 2015-2016 Macs to its Vintage Products List

Apple has added eight new MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac models released between 2015-2016 models to its Vintage […]

Report: Apple is Currently Testing 9 New Macs Using M2 Chips

In recent weeks, multiple reports have been suggesting that Apple was gearing up to release new Apple Silicon Macs using […]

Black Friday 2021: The best MacBook deals

The biggest shopping time of the year is here. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are filled with sales and there are plenty […]

Apple’s keyboards are suddenly very boring again

10 Nov 21 | Keyboards, Laptops, Mac, MacBook

With the removal of the Touch Bar from top-of-the-line MacBook Pro models–and make no mistake, the grim reaper is coming […]

Don’t believe the benchmarks or your eyes—the M1 Max is clearly doomed

30 Oct 21 | Mac, MacBook

The results are in and it looks like there are two ways to deal with Apple’s massive processor announcements last […]

Buying a new Mac? STOP and read this first!

07 Oct 21 | iMac, Mac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook

We here at Macworld are always offering reasons and recommendations for buying a new Mac—but hold on! With the Apple […]

Apple has a ton of new releases coming in October 2021

01 Oct 21 | Apple, iOS, Mac, MacBook, macOS

September was a huge month for Apple, as it often is. It’s the month when the new iPhones are released, […]

Get an M1 MacBook Air for $150 off instead of waiting till next year for the M2

28 Sep 21 | Mac, MacBook

According to the most recent rumors, the next MacBook Air might not arrive for another 12 months. But if you […]