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Intel Unison Aims to Bring Phone Calls, Texts, and Notifications on PCs

Intel announced today Unison, the company’s own alternative to Microsoft’s Phone Link app on Windows PCs. Unison aims to sync […]

Intel Announces its 13th Gen Core Desktop CPUs

27 Sep 22 | Hardware, Intel, Intel Core, Windows

Intel took the wraps off its 13th Gen Core desktop CPUs today. There are 22 new CPUs in total, including […]

Intel’s Pentium and Celeron Brands Are Being Replaced by “Intel Processor”

16 Sep 22 | Hardware, Intel, Windows

Intel announced today that its Celeron and Pentium brands for entry-levels PCs will soon be replaced by a new “Intel […]

Intel CPU Price Increases Could Soon Make PCs more Expensive

15 Jul 22 | Hardware, Intel, PCs, Windows

Intel is planning to raise the prices of the majority of its chips this autumn due to rising production costs. […]

Intel to Invest Over $36 Billion in Europe

15 Mar 22 | Hardware, Intel, Windows

Intel announced today that it will invest over $36 billion in Europe, with about $19 billion of that earmarked for […]

Intel Surges Forward with 12th-Gen Core Chips

Taking a cue from ARM, Intel’s new portable PC chipsets will use a hybrid architecture that offers both power and […]

Intel Announces New Project Endgame Streaming Service Powered by its Arc GPUs

17 Feb 22 | Cloud, Hardware, Intel, Windows

Intel is planning to leverage its upcoming Arc family of GPUs to create Project Endgame, a new streaming service set […]

Intel Reports Small Drop in PC Revenues

21 Oct 21 | Hardware, Intel, Mobile, Windows

Intel reported that it earned a net income of $6.8 billion on revenues of $19.2 billion for the quarter ending […]