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Intel Unison Aims to Bring Phone Calls, Texts, and Notifications on PCs

Intel announced today Unison, the company’s own alternative to Microsoft’s Phone Link app on Windows PCs. Unison aims to sync […]

Amazon Android App Store on Windows 11 is Coming to 31 Countries With 20,000 New Apps

Microsoft is about to expand access to the Amazon Android App Store on Windows 11. Following the release of the […]

Google Releases Android Studio Dolphin

Google today released Android Studio Dolphin, the latest stable version of its Android integrated development environment (IDE). “The Android Studio […]

Google Photos Gets Updated Memories, New Collage Editor

Google announced a major update to Google Photos that provides an improved Memories feature and a new Collage Editor. “When […]

Enough Already: Call and Text Spam (Premium)

Given my ongoing experiences with call and text spam, you won’t be surprised to discover that I’ve been obsessed with […]

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back (Premium)

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back (Premium) – Premium As I wrote last Friday in Fi, eSIM, CDMX, and […]

Fi, eSIM, CDMX, and Me (Premium)

I switched back to Google Fi this year because I’m traveling internationally more often. But I’m probably going to switch […]

Google Fi Adds More International Features

Google Fi is getting even better for those who travel internationally, especially if you’re using an iPhone, as I am […]