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Amazon Releases Revamped Alexa App for Easier Management

05 Oct 18 | Alexa, Amazon, Windows

Amazon has released a new Alexa app today. The company is introducing a major re-design for the Alexa app which […]

Amazon’s $79.99 Android Tablet Now Includes Hands-Free Alexa

Amazon is upgrading its Fire HD 8 tablet with new features today. The company just launched the new Fire HD […]

You Will Soon Be Able to Control Your Xbox With Alexa and Cortana

Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting a whole lot easier to use. The company today announced a new Xbox Skill for […]

Bose Now Makes Smart Speakers and Soundbars With Alexa

28 Aug 18 | Alexa, Amazon, Windows

Bose today announced three new speakers. The company is announcing a new smart speaker and two new soundbars that come […]

Cortana and Alexa Integration Launches in Public Preview

Just about one year ago, Microsoft and Amazon announced a major partnership: both the companies are teaming up to integrate […]

Amazon Makes It Easier to Control Music Playback on Alexa-Enabled Devices

Amazon is launching a new Alexa Cast feature for Alexa-enabled devices today. The new feature, available as an update to […]

Amazon Giving Away a Free Echo Dot With Alexa Enabled PCs

13 Jul 18 | Acer, Alexa, Amazon, Echo, Echo Dot, Windows

Earlier this year, Amazon invaded new Windows machines with the arrival of Alexa. The company partnered with Acer, HP to […]

Amazon Taps Microsoft’s Talent for Consumer Push

Amazon is obsessed with Microsoft’s talent. The company hired as many as 30 directors or higher level executives from Microsoft […]