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Apple Launches Dedicated IOS App for Developers

Posted November 19, 2019 | App Store | Apple | Apple Developer | Dev | Windows | WWDC

Apple is launching a dedicated new app for developers. The new app, simply called Apple Developer, is a rebranding of the company’s existing WWDC app with much more functionality. Apple says the company’s previous WWDC app is being replaced with this new Apple Developer app.

The app, which is only available on iOS, essentially provides Apple developers with quick access to documentation, videos, and resources from Apple. You can watch videos related to iOS development, for example, or read the documentation for a certain API from within the app. Apple also provides a lot of tips and helpful resources on its developer network, and that will be available from this new app.

The app’s functionality is a little limited in terms of content for now. You can’t view the slides for a presentation inside the app, for example. Apple plans to fix that in the near future, along with adding new content that’s packaged for consumption on your mobile device, says TechCrunch. 

If you are in the US, you will also be able to use the new app to get an Apple Developer account from within the app. Previously, you were required to use the Apple Developer website. Apple is making that much more accessible by letting users get a developer license right on their phone.

The app will still have a dedicated section for WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference. So all the sessions and scheduling details for WWDC will still be available from this new app. You can check it out on the App Store here. 

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